Captured Moments

March 28th, 2014


Every step of our life’s journey brings different kind of experiences that we often treasure. These memories remain with us until our golden years and are treasured from one generation to another. Such memories are well preserved in the form of letters, scripts and photographs. Moments have been captured, preserved and remembered.

Nowadays, many of us explore the elegance of photography. Photography is an art of preserving memories that capture our hearts. Through these photographs, we can turn moments into memories. Of course their memories remain but surely a photograph enhances everything. It is now appreciated as it became one of the world’s most loved art. Some are hooked on it as a hobby while some do it for living.

Appreciating the Scenery

The art of photography doesn’t end with just one click. You appreciate the beauty of it once you see the output of your work. Your desire of learning the dos and don’ts in taking photographs will give you the best results that you want. In the process of learning the proper ways of mastering the art of keeping memories, you will also learn how to appreciate the beauty of the subjects that you capture. You learn how these things can make a difference and what meaning they convey. You are not just an artist but a lover of your own nature. You learn to value what the nature can do and you will be able to appreciate it even more. As you are creating a bond with the perfect subjects, you are able to develop a heart that cares.

Relaxing Therapy

Photography can’t only be taken as an art that poses stability if done for a living but mastering the art of capturing memories surely will benefit you as an individual in terms of calming your senses, allowing you to appreciate life more. No matter what your subject may be, whether a person, an object or a breathtaking view, you will surely consider it as your therapy without any cost after seeing how beautiful it is in a photograph.  As you engage in your subjects, you learn to value their real beauty. It’s a great way of self-relaxation as it gives you self-satisfaction to see how beautiful your work turned out, soothing your mind and calming your being.

A Photo of a Thousand Words

January 3rd, 2014

sunset beach

Life is truly a mix of turn events. One second you have everything you’ve ever wanted, the next it’s gone. This is very true. We do not know what will happen or when a certain moment can last. We do not know what can and will happen to us, the world and everything else. We do not even know what will happen in the next hour, minute and even second. We just do not know. But, capturing such event can be possible for a picture can say a thousand words.

Truly we do not know a lot. But, once we know or we are experiencing, we can note them down. We can even save those moments and put them in still art.  Before all the other kinds of arts emerged, photos were primarily used to document events – important events happening around the world.

Photos are best used in capturing instances worth to remember – may it be good or bad memories. And, most of all, photos can be an insight on how a photographer sees the world. Besides the different usage of photos, it still boils down to the main purpose of this mechanism which is ART.

But what makes a photo an art?

The Subject. No matter what the color, time, event or what have you, the most important part of a picture is its subject. A subject can be a lot of things. But once a photo has a subject, it can portray a lot of dimensions pertaining to that subject. A subject enables the audience to focus on the picture. It allows the people to see what the photographer wants them to see. Through having a subject, it gives the people a certain focus to what really is the main story of that art.

Without the subject, a photo can be hard to decipher, it can be all over the place.


The Message. Now that one can see the subject, what makes a picture worthy is the story it conveys. Since a photo can be interpreted in numerous ways, there will always be a common story which the photographer will be focusing on. Through knowing the real story, people will truly appreciate what the photographer really wants to show them – realities of life – good or bad.

A picture can truly capture an event, a moment. And, it can tell the stories of the realities in life. And, yes, there would be times that a picture can have a lot of subjects. There would be even circumstances that the subject cannot be seen. But, it is only a photo with a clear message and focus that can truly make a difference. It is through these instances that the scenes are really captured and made eternal. It is only through these that pictures are really worth it.

Not the selfies, vain and even provocative photos can match these ones. Only these elegant and even tragic real life moments can make a picture worth it to be called art.

And, this is what we call the art of photography.

Appreciating Art Just How It Should Be

December 21st, 2013

Art is part of our everyday lives. Visual arts include creation of images and objects in fields including painting, sculpture, photography and other visual media. This is a website which is a compilation of photographs and photographers. This is a place where many great artists and works are featured. But there are certain rules on how you can be featured in this website.


Photography is all about creativity. There are no fixed rules since photographic artistry, in a way, is abstract, and it usually focuses on the talent and passion of the photographer itself. But for some beginners, here is a guideline which they can follow to help them make their own masterpiece.

First is the rule of thirds. This is a rule that focuses on how you balance your photo. This works by imagining two horizontal and two vertical lines are in your photo, making it divided into nine equal parts. It is said that the most important elements of your photos should be along the lines or at the points where the lines intersect.

Next is balancing the elements. This means that having a main subject off-center will make you photo interesting, but it can make the scene empty and void, so filling in another object but of lesser importance will give weight and fill in the space of emptiness.

penn_ss12Leading lines are also an important deal. Putting leading lines on the photo will affect the way how we see the image, thus giving good angles and pulling us more to the picture.

Another important thing to consider is to put symmetry and patterns. Symmetry and patterns can be man-made or natural. So using them in the right way will give you a better picture.

Also, you need to consider a perfect viewpoint. A view is good when it is good, but taking a picture from a good view will even make it better. Having a busy background will lessen the importance of your picture; you need to have a good focal point so that the human eye can focus on the thing.

Next is the background. This is an important thing to consider because having a good background will give you a better photo.

Because a photo is only two-dimensional, giving depth to the picture will make it even look better. Bringing angles in the photo by taking the foreground, middleground and background will give the right amount of depth that should be needed in your photo.

Also, placing perfect frames such as trees, holes, and archways at the edge of your photos will help you isolate your main subject from the background.

Eliminating background “noise” is also important. It is important that you crop out things that are not needed which are only crowding your picture.

And lastly, experimentation. Experimenting on your photo will give you a better look at it.

So these are the things that are needed for a photograph to be featured. These are the things that shall be judged and for those who are just starting photography, having this guide will help you become a better photographer.

Favorite of the Week

December 4th, 2013


I love the way the water hits the rocks. the photographer was able to capture the spray of the water and the sunset’s reflection gives a burst of color to the gray stones and gray skies. Apparently, there was a survey and this photo was voted as one of the best landscape photos by National Geographic!  I wonder what they would have thought about my photographs… It almost makes me want to use a free survey maker to ask my friends to vote on my best photographs!

Fine art is throughout us. They are the things folks create for others to appreciate and see. Fine art is not just sculptures and paints you see in galleries. An artist shouldn’t necessarily create art just to receive positive feedback. In my opinion, a true artist will design and create simply because it is a part of their soul.

In some societies, youthful individuals find out to appreciate and produce art by viewing adults make it. Many students in industrialized nations today research fine art in institution. as you are doing now.

This task will certainly help you to recognize and cherish many sort of art. It will aid you to establish your capabilities in producing art-expressing feelings that can not be embeded words.

Some of the arts pieces that you will certainly examine are very important records of history. You could locate some of them so impressive and imaginative that you will certainly never forget them. You will likewise discover to see the number of means fine art belongs to your everyday life.

As you check out the room, it performs the wall surfaces, the garments you are wearing, the computer system display that you are looking at and it impacts every facet of your life. It is in some cases overlooked.